Calvin Liang Workshop 2023

Calvin Liang’s Santa Barbara Workshop

September 20-23, 2023

4 Days, Outdoor and Indoor, in Beautiful Santa Barbara

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Fee:  $900. Only 16 seats available.

Workshop hostsLinda D. Nelson
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Workshop includes:

Evening Demo on Tuesday, September 19 (a $25 value, included)
Two days en Plein Air on locations TBA.
Two days in Studio, learning Calvin’s methods and techniques; time painting from your own photos or his demo image.
One on one critiques at your easel.
Maps, lists of recommended eateries in the area, local features and artist’s resources.
Friday evening BBQ at Chez Nelson.

Studio venue:  St. Michael’s University Church, 6586 Picasso Rd., Isla Vista, CA.
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Workshop Description and Details

Calvin Liang will be teaching a 4-day workshop with two days of outdoor painting. Two days will be spent working on a single studio painting based on photos you take on location. Calvin will begin with a demonstration then he will spend time with each student throughout the rest of the day. It is recommended to bring a laptop or tablet for the studio days. Alternatively, you may have color prints of your reference photos printed locally.

Plein air painting is a foundational part of training the eye to better understand the concepts of composition, design, and color harmony. The lessons will include:

  1. How to plan a composition that will be effective for the artist’s intentions and preferences.
  2. How to better see and use warm and cool color in the landscape.
  3. How to command hardness and softness of the edges to create space in a painting.
  4. How to simplify the subject matter through the use of basic design, value, color and drawing skills.
  5. How to consider the reasons for different paint surface textures, and brushstroke direction over the forms; and
  6. How to get the best possible results in a short time.